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Schreibwaren Prestel

Journal no. 1 ++




“Stationery Fever” is the UNIVERSAL BOOK FOR ALL STATIONERY LOVERS. I was so lucky to find it in a German bookshop, so the picture shows the German edition called “Schreibwaren”, but it is also available in English.

The best stationery shops worldwide

The book gives an vide overview over the world of stationery. Ranging from some historical facts about interviews with designers and experts to a selection of the best stationery shops worldwide.

You will find stories about the most iconic items such as the Blackwing Pencil, Moleskine, Masking Tape, but also some not so well known products as the Pink Pearl Eraser or the Space Pen, designed for writing in the absence of gravity. 

Why to buy?

First of all I have bought the book because of the beautiful pictures. Many of them are made by Neal Whittington, the co-owner of Present & Correct. They are an inspiration by themselves. But also the descriptions of the different shops and the enthusiasm of the owners, to work with stationery and to bring back the most beautiful and useful stationery items, is motivation enough to keep ongoing with my own idea: to design simple, reduced paper products and to give them  – together with selected paper goods and office supplies –  a platform. 

Schreibwaren – Die Rückkehr von Stift und Papier  / Stationery Fever – From Pencils to Paper and Everything In Between

Hardcover, 208 pages, Prestel Publishing

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