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Kaweco Sketch Up Pencil Brass


  • Mechanical pencil with a 5,6 mm lead in 5B
  • Iconic octagonal form
  • Integrated sharpener in the pusher
  • Made from brass

In stock

The Kaweco Sketch Up Pencil Brass is a perfect tool for all illustrators, architects and artists. With its 5,6 mm lead in 5B you will get excellent results in drawing and sketching. The Sketch Up is both handy and heavy, thanks to size and material. It is a joy to working with it. The length of the Kaweco Sketch Up Pencil Brass is 10,3 cm, when the lead is hidden in the case. Located in the pusher, there is an integrated sharpener, so you are always able to keep the lead pointed, even on the move. Please notice, that the brass will get a patina in use, which is a sign of the authenticity of the material.

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